EZVIZ CS-H6C (1080P)

EZVIZ CS-H6C (1080P)

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EZVIZ CS-H6c 1080P Smart Home Camera

The Ezviz CS-H6c-R101-1G2WF is a simple, flexible camera that can be set up indoors as a baby monitor. It can take panoramic views with sharp clarity and detect and track motion in a smart way. This camera has a built-in infrared LED that renders equally clear black-and-white night vision at night. It comes with a two-way communication feature that lets you talk to your loved ones from anywhere.It’s a simple, flexible camera that you can set up indoors as a pet or baby monitor or use to add an extra layer of protection in your home. Unlike many cameras that only record at a fixed viewing angle, the H6c rotates to take in a panoramic view in sharp clarity and can even detect and track motions in a smart way. With the help of the H6c, nothing in a large room will easily escape your attention. Upon motion detection, the H6c automatically locks on the subject and rotates to track the activity. Whether your toddler walks by the camera or your dog chases its toy across the room, the camera will capture those precious moments.


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