Hikvision launches new modular 2-wire IP video intercom

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, launched its new modular 2-wire IP video intercom for retrofitting in multi apartment buildings. This is an extension solution to already successful 2-wire video intercom kit based on IP technology that are mainly used for small residential houses, using the same design style from the recently launched 2nd Generation IP intercom technology, also ‘inheriting’ it’s modular nature, which makes it flexible for any scenario.

The 2-wire video intercom system delivers all the benefits of IP intercom systems. More than that, the power and audio video data can be transmitted with just two lines. This makes it simple to install, saving time and cost – great for retrofitting and modernizing large residential and office building projects.

Full HD images give a clear picture of the door area on the indoor stations. IR provides excellent night vision, and the inclusion of WDR (wide dynamic range) means there’s no problem if the camera is faced with direct light from outside. All in all, the indoor station screen will give a clear overview of the doorstep, and a mobile app means entry can be managed from anywhere users would like.

The modular nature of the Intercom gives the system massive flexibility, with a range of modules to choose to build the right system for the scenario. This can also be integrated with video surveillance, access control and intrusion systems so it can be a seamless part of any total security solution. The 2-wire system can be combined with IP intercoms through a network that is connected to power and data distributors while also sharing common accessories and modules.

Other features include:
• High image quality from the camera
• Recording and storage of the video
• High quality of audio, even on noisy streets
• Remote control via common mobile application
• Simplified configuration
• Optional wall or flush mounting installation
• Up to 16 additional cameras can be observed at the indoor station.

Typical applications for this new product will be in modernization of residential apartment buildings, school buildings and office buildings.

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